‘Impressions Of Resistance’ — RISD Museum

The second floor of the RISD Museum where the students exhibit their work is accessible only by the elevator. I think it is often missed by those rambling around the museum proper.

This week I stopped by and was stumped to see the name of local progressive activist, photographer, and RI Future writer, Steve Ahlquist, on one of the prints in “Impressions of Resistance: Volume 1,” a work by Stacy Lynn Smith (MFA ’17 Printmaking). I have kidded Steve in the past for being everywhere I go — protests, state house hearings, beer launches, my last haircut — but what the heck is this guy doing on the wall of an art museum? The text explains:

This artwork was made in response to exchanges with local political activists in Providence, Rhode Island. These hand-printed images were created based on stories and objects provided by the participating activists. Framed prints are $600 each. All proceeds will be donated to the organization chosen by the participant.

Steve has chosen the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM). His print is the one on the upper left. This photo does not do the individual pieces justice — the dark blue on the bottom is one of my favorites — but I do like the way they all look grouped together. They are described as “serigraphs and lithographs on Mino Washi Kozo natural paper.”

(There are several other familiar names, and their worthy causes, featured in the project.)

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