‘Metropolis’ Screening — Live Metal Soundtrack

(8.26) Head over to the Columbus Theatre Saturday night for Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent classic ‘Metropolis’ to be screened with a live performance of an original metal soundtrack.

Details are thin on the ground. The event is not listed on the Columbus Theatre site, so everything we know about this comes from the Facebook event page. (A brief search reveals that host Mike Formanski may or may not have been the drummer in a metal band, Apostasy; but there are several metal bands using that name (no surprise there) so that may not be him.)

Having said that, Mr. Formanski has posted a 43-second video tease of what we might expect to hear, and it seems spot on so far with percussive riffage punctuating the action on the screen. (I’m hoping there will be a couple of bars of “How do you solve a problem like Maria” in there somewhere . . . probably not.)

What the running time will be is anybody’s guess — there are several different cuts of ‘Metropolis.’ The Facebook event page carves out a three hour time frame for the evening. Ticket price unknown.

‘Metropolis’ screening, 8pm to 11pm, Saturday, August 26, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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