Collection For Puerto Rican Relief At Armando

(9.23) The Puerto Rican Professional Association of Rhode Island is holding a collection drive Saturday at the Armando & Sons Meat Market on Elmwood Avenue. Organization vice-president, Belen Florez, is anxious to hear from her own friends and family members. Florez spoke with WPRI,

“We have no communication whatsoever,” she said Thursday. “I haven’t found out about my family. I don’t know how my family is doing. I’m not the only one. I’m not alone.”

Florez’s organization has a collection drive planned for this 10 a.m. Saturday at Armando and Son’s Meat Market on Elmwood Avenue in Providence. They’ll be collecting bottled water, canned goods, first-aid kids, batteries and flashlights, and they’re asking shipping companies for containers to hold the donations until they can be transported down to Puerto Rico.

The market is on Elmwood just as you get off the highway to go Roger Williams Park. From the PRPAR Facebook page,

Les informamos que el radio marathon para recaudación de artículos de primera necesidad para Puerto Rico se celebrará el sábado 23 de septiembre en las facilidades de Armando’s Meat Market en el 895 Elmwood Avenue desde las 9:00am hasta las 6:00pm.

Side Note: I had never been to this market before and it is impressive. They have a wide variety of exotic vegetables, and the market’s commitment to all-things-meat is evident from the message on the sign outside which today flashed, “Goat Frozen Halal Half Carcass.”

Puerto Rican Relief Collection, 10am (maybe 9am?) to 6pm, Saturday, September 23, Armando & Sons, 895 Elmwood Avenue, (directions)

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