Ferry Season Winds Down

You have through the end of the month to take a scenic ride aboard the Providence—Newport ferry. (Having said that, service has been cancelled for today and Friday; I’m assuming due to weather and heavy seas. These notices are posted at the top of the page at the Seastreak website.)

It’s clearly been a rough summer for the Ocean State (metaphor in here somewhere). She got dinged up early in the season, but her scars do make her look kind of badass. Like maybe she helped out with that Dunkirk thing, or could. I finally took my first ride down and back the other day and it was everything I wanted it to be. And all the better for bumping into friends who were heading down to Newport for lunch.

The trip is about one hour each way and $10 for a one-way ticket (with the usual discounts). If you are not into getting blown about up top, the space alow is clean, air-conditioned, and has comfy seats and big windows. This is where you purchase snacks and drinks.

And it is very breezy up top — you must contain your hair completely!  I wore a bandanna and spent almost two hours detangling the bottom four inches of my hair.

Our next installment of ‘Transportation Today’ takes us aboard that free train ride to Wickford Junction. Stay tuned.

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