PVD Loop At AS220

(10.15) Providence plays host this weekend to PVD Loop Y2K17 an international, live, electronic looping festival featuring over thirty live looping artists over three days. (Facebook event page.)

Local, National and International musicians and multimedia artists who are going to be making music of all kinds, including traditional Americana/Folk, Poetry and Rap, Jazz, Experimental; music for the ears and the eyes, and well, whatever we’re putting in the pot! Hurdy Gurdy to Angle Grinder, Strings to Synth, Voice to Voices! It’s going to be a great adventure, with a massive local presence (after all, this IS the Art City!), and players who are coming here just to join the fun!

It was not easy finding an image for this post that wasn’t a person staring into a laptop. This piece is the work of local artist, and RI Philharmonic Music School faculty member, Antonio Forte, who works in visual and sonic media. He performs with Jon Verney.

International artists include Mandoman, a live-looping electric mandolin player/luthier from Osaka; iconoclastic bandoneón player Philipe Ollivier; and, coming in from the west coast, is Cindy Sawprano on musical saw! Local artists include House Red, Laurie Amat, Domestique, Birdlady, Ed Osborn, and Work/Death.

Events run through Sunday, October 15.

PVD Loop starts 8pm, Friday, October 13, AS220, 115 Empire Street, (directions)

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