Look Who’s Coming To Town — Comic Con Starts

(11.12) What a lineup! These people are all going to be in Providence this weekend. The stars of the 2017 RI Comic-Con include: Paul Reubens, Andy Serkis, Mark Ruffalo (best Hulk ever), and Norman Reedus . . . and Elijah Wood! I’m not sure whether die-hard comix fans take issue with the preponderance of show biz celebrities, but this happens to be my only area of expertise, so . . . write what you know!

Photo Ops include (and you may want to preregister . . . some are selling out):

Elijah Wood. Yeah I know, Frodo blah blah blah, but this guy’s most interesting choices have been on television. Loved “Wilfred” and now “Dirk Gently.” He has also been a frequent guest on Conan where he is consistently delightful and utterly without ego.

I’ll take PeeWee for $100, Alex. Actually, I don’t think I can even be in the same room with this man without making a fool of myself. He’s been such a big part of my life. Best stick with Joey Fatone for $50.

The same goes for Andy Serkis who I think should have gotten an Oscar for “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” a movie I have watched countless times. I would be too shy to meet him.

Also in town: Weird Al . . . William Shatner . . . Dustin and Lucas from “Stranger Things” . . . the other Hulk . . . and John Cusack who I once saw eating at Nobu in Malibu where he didn’t want to draw attention to himself so he wore a hoodie through the entire meal thereby drawing attention to himself. Also on tap, the Gene Simmons Band will be performing.

The Artists’ Alley is where comics fans can find their favorite artists, writers, and creators.

Events include: Star Wars trivia contest, gaming, after parties, sci-fi speed dating, portfolio review (!), tattoo contest.

Con attendees into Cosplay are advised to read up on the ‘prop and weapon policy’: No real weapons; fake and prop guns must have an orange tip; offensive/or overly-revealing attire is prohibited.

Con Schedule: Friday, 3pm to 9pm/Saturday, 10am to 7pm/Sunday,10am to 5pm.

RI Comic-Con, November 10-November 12, RI Convention Center, One Sabin Street, (directions)

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