Oh Sees’ John Dwyer On Marc Maron

When I heard that Thee Oh Sees were coming to Aurora last November I knew tickets would be going fast, so I got right on it. But the show had already sold out . . . three months in advance. Friends tell me I missed a great night of music. Rob Duguay reviewed the show in Motif.

Moments later, Dwyer, Tim Hellman, Ryan Moutinho, and Dan Rincon took things over and pandemonium ensued. The band’s noisy, shoegazy and psychedelic garage punk sound had the whole room moving from side to side. It was one giant mosh pit in the center of the floor and people were bumping into each other as if they were bumper cars at an amusement park.

Frontman John Dwyer is a native son, born in Riverside, and was a huge part of the Providence music scene from the nineties on. I came very late to the party with the 2013 album, “Floating Coffin” — I didn’t even know there was a local connection. And frankly, everything I know about John Dwyer I have just learned from his recent interview on the Marc Maron podcast, WTF which must be heard by any fan. John Dwyer is a fun guy, enjoying his life.

These two love talking about music and get overly excited at times, talking a mile-a-minute. Dwyer does a lot of reminiscing about the early days in no particular order: Club Baby Head, N.Y. System, Periwinkles at Davol Square (Maron’s car was stolen here!), stuffies, Deerhoof at Fort Thunder, Lightning Bolt, Ted Leo, RISD, Arab on Radar, Dung Beetle, Drop Dead, Six Finger Satellite, the Living Room, the Minutemen, and Buddy Cianci, natch.

The band has changed its lineup and name several times — Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, OCS, among other permutations — and they record prolifically. I find the back catalogue positively daunting. They have just released “Memory of a Cut Off Head,” recording, this month anyway, as Oh Sees. They have probably released ten more albums since I started writing this.

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