Snowy Owl Spotted In Providence

Word spread quickly last week when a snowy owl was spotted perched atop a roof, just off Broadway, surveying the scene. Keep your eyes peeled.

A few snapshots accompanied the email, but I do not have permission from the photographer. Seen here is a detail of a photograph taken by urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors back in 2014 when a veritable parliament of snowy owls cruised through town. I contacted Mr. Green about this latest sighting. He stated that while he had gotten word of this visitor he had not seen it himself, adding however, “I did see a seal today . . . off Collier Point.”

Mr. Green has been photographing wildlife around town for years, focusing primarily on the raptors: the red-tailed hawks who live on the state house; the bald eagles nesting somewhere-nearby-he-won’t-say-where; and the beloved peregrines in their televised nesting box on top of the Superman Building. (The box is maintained by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island — Green assists with the annual banding.)

Green’s photos (and that webcam) have really opened people’s eyes to the secret life of the avians flying around our urban canyons. We have all become much more knowledgeable and aware.

Gift Ideas! If you have a birder on your gift list, Mr. Green has some beautiful prints for sale. This year he has some smallish prints at a great price: 8″x8″ for $5. That’s a good size. Go to the Providence Raptors shop.

Next week: A rafter of turkeys.



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