Progress On Pedestrian Walkway

Exciting new update from Kate Bramson in today’s ProJo concerning the Providence River pedestrian walkway.

The pedestrian bridge now being built on the piers that once carried the highway will eventually connect a nearly 5-acre park on the west side of the river with a nearly 2-acre park to its east. The DOT is responsible for constructing the bridge and parks, among the final elements of the highway realignment.

When it’s completed, the bridge will include 740 tons of steel. Last week and this week, crews are installing about half the steel, from the western edge to the bridge’s midpoint, St. Martin said.

It’s hard to get a sense of the progress from just driving by. Get out of your car, walk around, and check it out. Here’s a loop that might be a mile or so: Start at the southernmost end of the boardwalk on South Water Street. Here you can easily peek through and over the fence. Continue across the Point Street Bridge, around the new South Street Landing on Eddy Street, and you get to see the progress on the other end. Keep walking up Dyer Street till you can cross back over the river to South Water Street.

If you are lucky you will catch some crane action. Plus, as a pedestrian you can take a long look at the giant old photographs of the riverfront — with text and dates — that line the sidewalk of the new parking garage on Eddy Street. I have to say, as parking garages go, this one is not unattractive. (See below.)

The aerial shot here was posted on the RIDOT Facebook page on November 30th.

Bramson adds this interesting nugget concerning the genesis of the walkway idea.

The project was conceived more than 17 years ago — when Rhode Island School of Design architecture student Kevin Prest developed the idea to use old highway bridge piers to support a pedestrian bridge.

I don’t remember knowing that. I hope Mr. Prest comes back for the dedication.


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  1. I’d never say this out loud, but for the adventurous, it’s easy to around the south end of the construction fence on the west shore. Just wade through the discarded beer cans, take-out containers and construction debris, hold onto the fence post and swing around over the low containment skirt. After reading this intel, please burn the message.

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