Vote On Brown University Demolitions Delayed

Suppose you had to tear down one of these buildings, which would it be? Don’t worry, the Sci-Li Building is not actually on the chopping block . . . that we know of. But Cushing House is. We wrote about the proposed demolitions last February when the threat to Brown’s Urban Environmental Lab first sparked student opposition.

The Providence Preservation Society has reported on Tuesday’s meeting oft the City Plan Commission concerning the proposed demolition of five historic buildings on Angell and Waterman Streets to make way for its proposed Performing Arts Center.

. . . the City Plan Commission (CPC) voted to continue the public hearing of the Brown Institutional Master Plan (IMP) amendment following a presentation by the university architect and comment by 20 community members.  Those who spoke eloquently against the demolition of four historical buildings on Brown’s College Hill campus were a who’s who of local preservationists, historians, architects, and developers, and College Hill residents; many of them were Brown alumni, parents, and faculty in addition to two current environmental studies students.  At least a dozen more people were there in support of the preservation of these College Hill resources.

Please go to the PPSRI page devoted to this advocacy alert. There are details on the individual buildings and an overview of the area at risk so you can see the size of this plan.

Brownzilla has been on the march these last two days. The charming brick building on Angell Street that once housed Stereo Discount was razed yesterday. And while the Store 24 on Thayer was not of architectural interest it has also been removed; this seems like an ominous sign for adjacent structures. (That last may not be Brown University property . . . yet.)

The CPC opted to leave the hearing open, delaying a vote until the January 16 meeting.

(Below is 82 Waterman Street. That may be an American elm on the left . . . just to make this even more painful.)


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