‘Demystifying Democracy’ At Metcalf Auditorium

(1.20) “Held for further study” . . .  the procedural equivalent of “We’re taking the cat to live on a farm.”

The first seminar in the Demystifying Democracy series, “I’m Just a Bill (held for further study),” will focus on understanding the legislative process in Rhode Island.

This year, Common Cause Rhode Island is again hosting our Demystifying Democracy series, which we launched in 2017.  This series will focus on empowering citizens to participate in our state and local democracy by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the legislative process.  We will bring together a diverse group of experts from advocacy, journalism, government, and elsewhere to educate Rhode Islanders on how the General Assembly works and how to become an advocate.

The second session, “Making Your Point in 3 Minutes or Less,” will teach you how to testify effectively at the General Assembly.  At “No Math Required,” learn more about the state’s budget process, especially as the 2018 legislative session comes to a close.

You are asked to register beforehand — sign up for seminars here.

(The Women’s March starts at noon on the statehouse lawn only about .5 mile away. The session will break a few minutes early so that participants can head over.)

10:30am to noon, Saturday, January 20, Metcalf Auditorium, RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street, (directions)

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