Legislation To Ban Assault Weapons At State House

(2.27) In the shameful absence of federal leadership on this issue it appears that the states will have to act to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons. This Tuesday the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence and legislators and advocates from across our state will be taking an important step introducing Rep. Jason Knight and Sen. Josh Miller’s legislation to ban assault weapons in Rhode Island. The Facebook page lists the hours of the event from 2:45pm to 4:30pm — I’m guessing that there will be something of a rally in the rotunda prior to the actual legislative action. Show up and show your support — you can bet the opposition will be there.

Seen here is “Gun Totem” (guns, steel, fiber-reinforced concrete, 2001). Using approximately 1,000 guns from the Pittsburgh Goods-For-Guns buyback program, Providence artist Boris Bally welded, fabricated, cast, and chiseled this protest pillar located in Memorial Park across South Main Street from the courthouse.

Legislation intro, 3:30pm, Tuesday, February 27, State House, 82 Smith Street, (directions)

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