Plastic Bag Ordinance Before City Council

(3.15) This Thursday the Providence City Council will consider an ordinance banning single-use plastic bags, and it’s about time. Seven other Rhode Island communities have already instituted such bans and seem to be coping just fine. (ProJo 3.10.18)

The movement to ban single-use plastic bags in Rhode Island is gaining ground with the capital city on the verge of joining seven other communities in the state that have taken similar action to cut down on pollution.

The Providence City Council on Thursday will consider an ordinance that would go one step further than those in the other municipalities, not just imposing a ban on the thin-film plastic bags typically used for purchases from retail stores but also requiring retailers to charge at least 10 cents for replacement paper bags or more durable plastic bags.

Do we even have to go over the many evils of plastic bags in the environment? Yes, the news about plastic-eating wax worms is very exciting (National Geographic, April 2017) but that would not be helpful in a body of water. The bags, and all the other plastic stuff, are wreaking havoc in the oceans. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade: It photodegrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller bits to which toxic molecules attach themselves. These toxic bits have found their way into the food chain.

Contact the members of the Providence City Council here. Let them know you support this ordinance.


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