March For Our Lives At State House

(3.24) Show your support for those amazing Parkland students and a sane approach to gun control this Saturday at the March For Our Lives. Let your elected officials see that there will be a price paid next November for continued allegiance to the NRA. (Most NRA members support stricter gun laws, but the NRA no longer represents gun owners, they represent gun manufacturers. Time Mag 3.13.18.)

March for Our Lives is inspired by, created by, and led by students across the country who will no longer risk their lives waiting for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass school shootings that has become far too familiar. Change is coming and it starts now. Please join me and the rest of the Providence, Rhode Island community in taking action, as we fight for a country that is free from gun violence.

Motif Magazine has a profile of local march organizer, and Johnson & Wales senior, Sophia Capalbo, who decided that she could no longer sit on the sidelines.

She decided a march would be the best and most effective way to get the point across and get people’s attention. Still keeping up with the news, she witnessed the surviving teens from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School announce their plans for a peaceful March for Our Lives in Washington, DC, and encourage other communities to march in support; this overjoyed Capalbo because it gave her the platform to make her idea a reality.

Before long, people were signing up to speak at the event, and efforts began to get state officials to attend. Capalbo hopes that after this march and the marches across the nation, legislators will get a wake-up call that change is due. “Rather than sitting back and praying and hoping for change, action is actually getting played out,” said Capalbo.

Voter registration tables will be set up for those who are 18, or will be 18 before the November election, and wish to register to vote. Can’t make it to the march? Go here to register.

I pity the poor groundskeeper trying to maintain the state house lawn in the era of Trump. (Facebook event.)

March For Our Lives, 1pm to 3pm, Saturday, March 24, State House, 82 Smith Street, (directions)

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