Vote Them Out! Vote Them Out!

Fantastic turnout today and the young speakers at the Rhode Island ‘March for Our Lives’ were every bit as eloquent and inspiring as those amazing kids from Florida. I don’t see this movement losing momentum. Enormous crowds of voters screaming “Vote them out! Vote them out!” tend to get noticed. Remember many members of the general assembly won their elections by razor-thin margins. Now it’s time to call, write, and email . . . make sure they hear from you!

The elected officials who spoke today were brief and to the point. State Rep, and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Aaron Regunberg, spoke of the ‘Rhode Island Assault Weapon Ban of 2018,’ a bill which would ban assault weapons and place a 10-round limit on high-capacity magazines. (Regunberg has an ‘F’ rating from the N.R.A.) The crowd loudly joined in on the “Bring it to a vote!” chant which I’m sure could be heard all the way down in the Cranston district of House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. He has earned an ‘A+’ rating from the N.R.A. as has Senate President Dominick Ruggerio.

Katherine Gregg wrote in the Providence Journal;

“The bill, introduced by Sen. Josh Miller and Rep. Jason Knight, is a comprehensive piece of legislation that will effectively ban the sale, transfer, and manufacture of the militarized weapons, like the lethal AR-15 that have no place in our homes, in our schools, or in our communities.

“Assault weapons are meant to kill and maim as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. They are the weapons of choice for mass shooters, not recreational hunters,″ said Miller, a Cranston Democrat. “As long as they are legal, our state is inviting people to have their very own weapon of mass murder, putting Rhode Islanders in danger.”

Contact Speaker Mattiello at 401.461.5800 or email at (

Contact Senator Ruggerio at 401.353.1311 or (

Contact your own legislators. Insist that this bill be brought up for vote! No further study is needed!

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