ArtProv Gallery Opening

(4.6) An opening reception will be held this Friday at ArtProv Gallery showcasing the work of three artists: Mary Jane Andreozzi, nature-inspired wax crayon drawings and paintings on wood; Sarah Jane Lapp, vibrant paintings, whimsical animation, and hand drawings; and S. Tudyk.

Seen here is “I See You in Dreams” by S. Tudyk.

Old wooden billboards, standing up against nature and time, with grid faces, deteriorating surfaces, fading messages—these structures have held my attention for the last decade. Even in obscurity, they have the power to communicate, as we instinctively gaze upward for their statement. While I continue to study this form, I am dissecting its structure, studying all of its parts—the great flat plane held up by a complex pattern of lines, the language it broadcasts, and the surrounding environment.

Reception, 5pm to 9pm, Friday, April 6, ArtProv Gallery, 3rd floor, 150 Chestnut Street, (directions)

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