Trout Season Starts

Buddhism and bait — an unbeatable combination. Time for my annual pilgrimage to Ocean State Tackle on Branch Avenue to get the latest word on trout bait from proprietor Dave Henault. I don’t fish so this is really just me visiting Dave and his yellow lab, Sukha (Sanskrit for “happiness”), who I am happy to report is still calmly monitoring the storefront (see below). A few more white hairs on the muzzle but just as much wag in the tail. Dave is a Tibetan Buddhist and it really seems to be working for him. Of course fishing is already a pretty mellow pursuit, so it was probably an easy fit. (Last year’s report.) OST carries both fresh and saltwater bait and tackle.

Dave’s bait recommendation for Opening Day, Saturday, April 14: Try one of the artificial trout baits like Berkley PowerBait and Gulp. Trout also like small shiners, dillies, and night crawlers. Dave is seen below standing next to his new express window with a box of night crawlers he has been fattening up.

OST schedule for opening day weekend: Dave will be closing on Friday night at 11pm, then opening on Saturday at 4am to 7pm. (This is a change from past years when he had stayed open all night.) Updates at the OST Facebook page.

Go here for the DEM list of designated trout waters all stocked prior to the start of the season. In anticipation of opening day the Rhode Island DEM has been stocking local waters with 80,000 brook, brown, and rainbow trout, and, for the first time,

. . . hatchery-raised tiger trout are being stocked in the following ponds: Silver Spring Lake, North Kingstown; Upper Melville Pond, Portsmouth; Shippee Sawmill Pond, Foster; and Barber Pond, South Kingstown.

The closest locations for Providence anglers would be Willett Pond and Ten Mile River in East Providence; Olney Pond in Lincoln Woods is very popular. There are a few locations where the first day of freshwater fishing season has been set aside for young anglers.

Fishing licenses are $18 for Rhode Island residents and can be purchased online.

***The artwork on the exterior of the building was executed a few years ago by Providence artist Ketsia Louis. The shop is located near the intersection of Charles Street near Hopkins Park.

Ocean State Tackle, 430 Branch Avenue, (directions),





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  1. Frances Carpenter

    What a wonderful post. I love the feel of that bait and tackle shop with its sweet pup at the door.
    Thank you for all the great trout season info too!!

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