Peregrines Have Hatched!

I count four . . . I think. There were four eggs and it looks like they have all hatched. The first hatchling arrived on the last day of April. They are basically just balls of white fuzz at this point.

Go here to watch the Audubon Society Peregrine Webcam and make a donation. They have been maintaining this nesting box at the top of the Superman Building on Westminster Street for several years now. But keep in mind, these are not the same parents as last year — and neither has been banded. Who are they?

Next time you walk by, look up. You may see a parent flying in or out. Go to the ASRI Facebook page for updates and other news.

This screenshot was taken just after a feeding. At this stage one of the parents is likely to be hovering, tent-like, over the brood.

For better pictures of peregrine hatchlings, go to Providence Raptors.

I think it’s four.

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  1. Steve Seddon

    Is the Providence Peregrine Webcam not working this year or is the problem on my end?

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