Ferry Starts

The Providence Newport Ferry starts service this Friday. New this year . . . night trips. According to the ProJo,

Ferry operator Seastreak has refurbished the vessel Ocean State for the 2018 season and agreed to add night trips during Waterfire lightings, according to a news release Monday.

Complimentary shuttle bus service between the Providence train station, convention center, downtown, and the Providence to Newport ferry terminal. The season will run from May 25 to October 8.

The trip down to Newport takes about an hour, so you can just zip down there for lunch and come back and you’ve done something. Sitting atop is great fun . . . kind of breezy but you can’t beat the views. Or, you can preserve your hairdo and shelter alow with a drink and a snack.

$10 adults, Seastreak Ferry Terminal, 25 India Street, (directions)

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