Mike Birbiglia Coming To Trinity Rep

Tickets are still available for the new Mike Birbiglia show this week at Trinity Rep. You may want to get on this — these are selling out elsewhere.

And don’t worry if you saw him perform that last time around at the Columbus Theatre, this is a new one. It is in fact called The New One just so there’s no confusion. That last show, “Thank God for Jokes,” was hilarious. We were the last stop before New York City where it got a rave from the New York Times.

That’s what makes “Thank God for Jokes” more than a deft stand-up set. Mr. Birbiglia is hiding some serious ideas beneath the laughter. This isn’t just an enjoyable performance; it’s also an admirable piece of writing, so funny and yet so smart.

“The New One” four shows: 7pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday — May 31 through June 3. Go here for tickets.

Trinity Rep, Dowling Theater, 201 Washington Street, (directions)

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