Weekend In Music

Friday@Machines With Magnets, Headband, Going, Mario Sisters, Dingo @the Strand, Everclear, Marcy Playground, Local H @Askew, Something Else @Fête Lounge, Olmec’s Rejects, Northeast Traffic, Lee Ross @News Cafe, Flannel Rooster, Vanilla Function, Good Trees River Band, Echo Chambers

Saturday@the Met, the Slackers, Consuelo’s Revenge, the Copacetics @Fête Ballroom, Ferro Gaita @Fête Lounge, Suicide Commando, Xentrifuge, more @Alchemy, Degrader, Regime, the Noble, Self Inflicted, No Eye has Seen @Machines With Magnets, Trim, Dead Tenants, Baby Baby, Suicide Magnets @the Parlour, Barn Burning, Jets Can’t Land, the Kneees @Dusk, Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, Reindeer Castle, Minibeast

Sunday@Fête Lounge, Bent Knee, Gatherers, Owel @Fête Ballroom, Lany, Colouring

(Photo of Minibeast)

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