Hope Street Farmers Market Saturdays

The Hope Street Farmers Market at Lippitt Park has started up its Saturday schedule. (They also set up on Wednesday afternoons from 3pm to 6pm.) This week let’s talk about some of the nonfood offerings.

First: There’s a bicycle valet.

Volunteers from RI Bike and Recycle-A-Bike will watch your bike for you while you shop. Anyone can drop off their bike, for free, and shop with the confidence that their bike is safe and secure.

Second: Get your knives sharpened.

You can drop off your knives (wrap them carefully and mark them with your name please!) to be professionally sharpened for a small fee while you shop.

Third: Go get a bottle of pop at the Yacht Club Soda booth. I found out last week that the recipe for their Birch Beer has not changed in 103 years. The labels are swell with each featuring a different locale where thirsty people might go yachting: Plum Beach, Beavertail, Brenton Point. And where else can you find Sarsaparilla?

Side Bar: Last winter I bought a small book at RiffRaff Bookstore and Bar in Olneyville, an impulse buy at the cash register. The book is called “Fucking Apostrophes” by Simon Griffin, and I bought it with the sole purpose of finding out whether or not there was an apostrophe in the phrase ‘Farmers Market.’ He says there are two equally acceptable choices:

1) Is it a market owned by lots of farmers? Then Farmers’ Market.

2) Or, is it a market for farmers? Then Farmers Market with no apostrophe.

I think the last is the best fit, and it is the choice of Farm Fresh RI.

9am to 1pm, Saturdays through October, Hope Street Farmers Market, 1015 Hope Street, (directions)

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