Falcon Teens Getting Ready To Split

The peregrine falcon nestlings atop the Superman Building are no longer those cuddly white balls of fluff. Their mature feathers have grown in and, as of today, the awkward youngsters were flapping around and testing things out on the roof.

The screen grab here was taken this afternoon but only two of the birds have been in the box for the last few a hours. I’m no expert but Peter Green of Providence Raptors seems to think they will be departing soon.

The most recent update from the RI Audubon Society came on May 21.

The new Providence Peregrine brood is officially banded! There are two males and two females this year. Keep viewing – within the next few days the chicks will begin to stand, walk and rest on their feet rather than tarsi (lower leg bone). Wing feathers can already be spotted – in a week or so the chicks will appear speckled as more and more feathers grow in.

Check out the peregrine webcam here. The nesting box is maintained by the Rhode Island Audubon Society. Go hit that donation button!

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