‘Tenemental’ Author At Riffraff

(6.28) Head over to Riffraff Bookstore and Bar Thursday evening when author Vikki Warner will discuss her new book “Tenemental” with fellow landlady Reba Mitchel (House Red). Two Providence landladies dole out the hard-earned wisdom that comes with the job. Musician, audiobook narrator, and bonne vivante Reba Mitchell will appear with Vikki Warner to talk about her book “Tenemental,” and offer a peek into the mysteries of landladying. (Facebook event page.)

Detouring from the traditional timeline of marriage-kids-house, twenty-six-year-old Vikki Warner skips straight to home ownership and buys a run-down three-story house in Providence, Rhode Island. Suddenly, she’s responsible for a rotating cast of colorful tenants, and adulthood means exploding plumbing, gentrification, and navigating the 2008 market crash with no blueprint. Told with grit and good humor, this debut memoir is a candid exploration into how sharing space profoundly reshapes our lives and forces us to grow into ourselves.

7pm to 9pm, Thursday, June 28, Riffraff Bookstore, 60 Valley Street, (directions)

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