Steven Frias For State Rep — Get Mattiello Outta Here!

Yes, that’s right — I am urging the people of House District 15 to vote for a Republican! This may seem like an unusual position for a progressive democrat, but keep in mind, in any other state our odious Speaker of the House, Nicholas Mattiello, would be a Republican. Upon acceding to the throne, his first speech was to the RI Chamber of Commerce. The man is hopelessly provincial, motivated entirely by self-interest, and currently mired in a scandal from that last campaign. A complaint has been filed with the Board of Elections. (ProJo 6.24.18)

Mattiello was not fined, but he had to repay a political-action committee he controls approximately $72,000 in over-the-limit spending. The board is seeking answers at a hearing scheduled for Thursday from key players in his 2016 campaign — and not Mattiello — about their alleged roles in orchestrating the production and distribution of a mailer endorsing Mattiello that ostensibly came from Shawna Lawton, a failed GOP primary candidate with $43.34 left in her campaign account. Depending on their responses, the board has signaled this could turn into a contempt proceeding.

Steven Frias ran against Mattiello in the 2016 and lost by only 85 votes! We can do this. (Nutshell: Brown grad Steven Frias is an attorney and writer who thinks voters should have been able to vote on the line-item veto and the stadium. He also opposes a certain insurance bill which was passed ten minutes before midnight while one senator was in the bathroom.)

This last session of the General Assembly was particularly brutal. I went 0-5 in issues I have cared about and worked on:

  1. Taxpayers will be buying a baseball stadium for lying billionaires. Call Governor Raimondo at 401.222.2080 and ask her to veto this.

2. Parcel boundaries have been altered so that out-of-town billionaire developer Jason Fane can destroy the riverfront with his enormous tower. (Contact all members of the Providence City Council and Mayor Elorza. This isn’t over.)

3. Marijuana will not be made legal for adult recreational use. Mattiello refuses to bring this to a floor vote.

4. And now there is Kristen’s Law. This one really hurts since it means I have spent seven years howling into the void, often late at night. In advocating for the reform of our marijuana laws (volunteering my time lest there be confusion on that topic) in front of various state house committees, I have been testifying about the evils of our failed war on drugs and mass incarceration. It was thought that my experience in law enforcement (5 years in uniform with the Providence Police) would lend credibility to my main message which is — We can not arrest our way out of this! And yet, in one session, the general assembly decided that dealers should be charged with murder and given life sentences. (They had to amend the bill to accommodate the Good Samaritan bill which leads me to believe it will turn out to be an unenforceable piece of crappy legislation which will only serve to fill up court dockets and ruin more lives.) Mattiello was a sponsor of the bill. More at UpriseRI. Call Governor Raimondo at 401.222.2080 for her veto.

5. And then there is the issue of women’s reproductive rights. Forget that.

It became clear last year that nothing good would happen in this state under the current leadership and that our time and resources would be better spent recruiting new candidates for the general assembly and getting the old guard the hell out of there.

We all saw the joyous celebration in New York where 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz sent that establishment fossil Crowley to the showers. That’s exactly what we need to here. Looks like fun.

(The opinions stated here are mine alone.)

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