Muckraker-Palooza At The Parlour

(7.12) Journalism is not free. And true journalism, like that practiced by reporter Steve Ahlquist of Uprise RI, is going to cost you. And since our local paper of record is so conservative it supports the likes of Devin Nunes and Nicholas Mattiello,* the citizens of Rhode Island desperately need someone keeping an eye on the local political scene. So head down to the Parlour Thursday evening for 2018 Muckraker-Palooza and make it rain!

I go to many events, protests, hearings, and committee meetings around town and Steve is everywhere! And Steve stays to the bitter end, taping most events, and posting a report usually within a day. He takes his reporting very seriously — except for the making-a-living part.

Steve has brains and integrity and knows this state like the back of his hand (and that is just the sort of cliché you will never find in his writing). This will be a fun night — but don’t forget to get some money into the Uprise RI coffers!!! Can’t make it Thursday? Donate here.

*From their editorial of 7.2.18, “What [Republican opponent] Mr. Frias is sure to avoid stressing is the role Mr. Mattiello has brilliantly played as speaker, balancing the concerns of the progressive elements of his party against the need for Rhode Island to foster a better climate for business.” Just one day later Mattiello’s brilliant balancing act had blown up in his face and into the national news. NYT 7.3.18)

Muckraker-Palooza, 5pm to 8pm, Thursday, July 12, the Parlour, 1119 North Main Street, (directions)

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