‘Yellow Submarine’ At Avon Cinema

More Beatles! The Avon Cinema will be screening the newly restored animated Beatles gem, “Yellow Submarine,” this coming weekend: July 27 to July 29. (Singalongs may be coming in August!)

Evenings on Friday & Saturday at 10:50pm.

Matinees on Saturday & Sunday at 2:15pm.

Canny Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, came up with the idea for an animated film as a way to fulfill, and end, the three-picture deal they had with United Artists. Rolling Stone Magazine writes in “Yellow Submarine at 50: Why the Psychedelic Animated Beatles Movie is Timeless.”

. . . watching it now, as an artifact of both the band circa the late Sixties and the tripped-out times that produced it, what sticks with you is how how telling it all is. Yes, it’s a visual wonder, the kind that rewards endless viewings and can still blow your mind; the “Eleanor Rigby” sequence alone, a symphony of gray skies and bleak Britainnia done in an animation style suggesting a depressed Terry Gilliam, remains a showstopper. And despite the fact that their involvement was minimal – actors voiced their avatars – it’s a total distillation of the band’s espirt de corps and shared sensibilities, from the Carnaby Street color blasts to the fact that there’s enough hippie wordplay to fuel a half-dozen Firesign Theatre long-players.

(Oh dear god, let us never speak of Firesign Theatre again.)

Rated G. Running time, 87 minutes. Restored 4K theatrical version with remixed 5.1 stereo surround sound. (Avon Facebook page.)

July 27 to July 29, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

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