Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show II

(7.29) This is always fun. The Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show II is a free all-day parking lot bash with a ton of bands, and food supplied by the Great Northern BBQ Company. (I’ve been writing these parties up for at least four years now; why are we stuck at II?) They even have a schedule for the bands. (Facebook event page.)

9:30 M.O.T.O.
8:45 Beta Motel
8:00 Round Eye (from Shanghai, China)
7:15 the Prostitutes (from PA)
6:30 Jets Can’t Land
5:45 Black Helicopter
5:00 Cherry Pit
4:15 Bryan McPherson (from CA)
3:30 Sweet Dreams
2:45 Baylies Band
2:00 Civility

A band from Shanghai? In Olneyville?

Free, 2pm to 11pm, Sunday, July 29, the Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street, (directions)

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