Bird Scooters Have Arrived

For pedestrians running late, or just getting pooped, there’s a new option in town — hop on an electric scooter. Last week the Bird scooter company scattered several of the scooters around town without actually coordinating with the city. From abc6 News,

The company dropped off the scooters without any notice and city officials say they’re working on crafting a policy around the use and operation of the electric scooters. Other cities aren’t so interested, Boston officials are asking the company to stay away and in Cambridge, they’re asking that the scooters not be parked on city streets until an agreement is reached.

To take a ride: First download the app, then scan your license, then scan the bar code on the scooter. That unlocks that scooter. (If you just start shoving the vehicle along without paying, a not-too-loud alarm starts beeping. Curious teens on Thayer Street helped me run that experiment.) The rental costs $1 to start and 15¢/minute until you come to a stop. Then you just hop off and hit “lock ” in the app. Here’s how it works.

I’m reserving judgment — we’ll see how this develops. I am curious as to whether these will have the oomph to motor up College Hill. And no riding on sidewalks!

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