Flowers In The Air — Downtown

Kudos once again to the Providence Downtown Improvement District crews who keep the many plantings and hanging baskets watered and weeded and looking great.

Since 2007, the DID has managed the seasonal downtown planting program, to great acclaim. Starting with 94 hanging baskets and a few planting areas, the program has expanded to now include 248 hanging baskets, 60 large-scale sidewalk planters, and 8 ground-level planting areas. The gorgeous flowers add a pop of color downtown, and as visitors frequently comment, the city has never looked better!

This combination hanging on the Westminster side of the Arcade recently caught my eye. The vibrant pinkish-red flowers are cascading begonias of a type commonly available at local garden centers, but I had to look up these wispy trailing plants. I believe they are Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls’ but if I am mistaken, please advise. These silvery vines are lovely when blowing in the breeze — a little like Spanish moss — and they apparently tolerate the heat well.

Other baskets around town feature those durable trailing sweet potato vines which also perform well in the summer heat. Local gardeners can get ideas for next spring’s plantings while waiting for the light to turn green; but make no mistake, these baskets are well-tended and getting lots and lots of water. I would add that the baskets themselves are huge and deep, which gives the roots room to grow. So thank you Downtown Improvement District.

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  1. No doubt about it, the Yellow Jackets Do a great job. Not only bringing vibrant color to DownCity. But taking trash away from where the careless, lazy and just plain rude leave it.

    Best part is, they go about their work cheerfully and willingly in all kinds of weather. Say hello to one of them and you invariably get a great smile.

    One of their “gardens” is less known: the triangle at the intersection of Pine St and East Franklin — where they provide a backdrop (actually a front drop) for the gazing ball sculpture.

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