Exit 3 Ramp (Gano Street) Closes For Year

[Update: The original announcement was not quite right. RIDOT has since corrected and amended it.]

Effective Sunday night August 19 at 8pm through Fall 2019, Exit 3 (Gano St.) off of I-195 West will be closed.

And the closing could last as long as a year. I must admit that for the purposes of this heads-up, this photo is not very helpful; but the clouds were out of control today and the off-ramp has never looked more lovely. However, as part of the ongoing repairs to the Washington Bridge westbound, motorists should be aware of a rather significant upcoming change in the traffic pattern vis-à-vis Route 195-West. From the Travel Advisories page of the RIDOT website,

Effective Sun. night, August 20 at 9 p.m., Exit 3 (Gano St.) off of I-195 West will be closed.

(I include a slightly more helpful photo below taken from the adjacent Linear Park.) RIDOT’s recent announcement in the ProJo added, “The ramp will remain closed until Fall 2019.” Yikes. Go here for their Detour Map which only gives the option of continuing to Exit 2 (South Main Street) and getting off there. Depending on where you are headed, it might make more sense to get off on the Broadway exit in East Providence and head across the Henderson Bridge.

This is the exit that feeds motorists down to a stoplight at Gano Street, across from Trenton Street. Yes, this will be an inconvenience — although it will certainly reduce traffic on Gano Street — but infrastructure maintenance and modernization are not optional.

RIDOT, Two Capitol Hill, Providence, (401) 222.2450


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