Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show

(9.1) This is where you want to be. The Scürvy Dög will be throwing its annual Labor Day extravaganza: the Parking Lot Mega Show with live music all day and into the night.

Hope Anchor (9:30pm)
Neutral Nation (8:45pm)
Blackletter (8pm)
Hey Zeus (7:15pm)
Le Yikes Surf Club (PA) (6:30pm)
Those Troublemakers (PA) (5:45pm)
Diablogato (5:00pm)
Bog of the Infidel (4:15pm)
Blessed Offal (3:30pm)
Corot (2:45pm)
Death Pesos (2:00pm)

It’s free and dog friendly (to friendly dogs). Properly supervised children are welcome. (Facebook event page.) The party ends at 2am Sunday.

Free, 1pm, Saturday, September 1, The Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street, (directions)

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