Roger Williams Attic Sale

(9.9) This much we can know: There’s no basement at the Alamo and I’m pretty sure Roger Williams didn’t have an attic. Never mind, because if the members of this congregation are emptying their closets for the first time, I’m in. And I think this is a new event. (Facebook event page.)

It’s a giant yard sale with treasures galore. Stop by for some bargains and some baked goods. All proceeds will be used to provide scholarships for those going to the Dominican Republic in January on a medical/construction mission trip and Puerto Rico in March to assist with hurricane recovery.

Have fun while doing good.

(Sidebar: I’m very worried about one of the elms in front of the church. Which is to say, I am very worried about all the elms in front of the church. I might be wrong; it could be something else.)

8am to 3pm, Saturday, September 8/1pm to 3pm, Sunday, September 9, First Baptist Church in America, 75 North Main Street, (directions)

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