Feldman Memorial Exhibition Opens At Bell

Walter Feldman’s affiliation with Brown University began in 1953, when he taught his first class in visual design. It extended through his fifty-four-year teaching career, and it continues today in a legacy of sustained artistic experimentation. This memorial exhibition celebrates Feldman’s life through a retrospective selection of his artworks.

Feldman was of his time, working within stylistic modes from German expressionism to abstract expressionism and color field painting. Certain subjects, returned to over time, became signatures of his oeuvre: letters as forms and means of communication, Don Quixote, steles, Mesoamerican warriors, and biblical narratives.

He worked in a wide range of mediums, experimenting while expanding his command of techniques: there are paintings in egg tempera, gouache, oil, and acrylic; drawings in pencil, pen, and acetylene torch; mosaics and stained glass; silkscreens, woodcuts, etchings, and lithographs; mixed media sculpture, collages applied in paper and pigment or imbedded in handmade paper, and hand-set letterpress books.

Well that’s pretty much everything possible.

Walter Feldman: A Memorial Exhibition runs through October 21.

(Seen here: Detail from ‘Red Event,’ oil on canvas, 1960.)

And don’t miss the new exhibition, Recent Acquisitions: Photography and Architecture, in the List Building Lobby, also running from September 8 through October 21.

Free and open to the public, Bell Gallery, List Art Building, 64 College Street, (directions)

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