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[Update: Unfortunately, Aaron Regunberg was not successful in his bid for the Lt. Governor’s seat, but boy he made a great run at it. That was a close race. I don’t know what plans Mr. Regunberg has for his future besides a well-deserved rest, but I sure hope he returns to run for public office here in Rhode Island. But progressives scored some exciting victories in the general assembly with Sam Bell defeating the incumbent and Moira Walsh proving that the endorsement of the state party apparatus no longer works and may even signal a red flag for the new, younger voters. And big ups to Rachel Miller who defeated Buddy Cianci’s former campaign chair and will now represent Ward 13 on the Providence City Council! (A Cianci relative was defeated in his bid for a different council seat, so the Buddy “magic” seems to have evaporated. So there’s a blessing.)

There were other encouraging signs from around the state, and I would like to think that the old school dems have taken notice and will adjust course. Make no mistake, there were some excellent incumbent Democrats to vote for. Exhibit A might be Seth Yurdin who was returned to his city council seat by consistently demonstrating his liberal bona fides and a confident moral compass. His progressive opponent, newcomer Justice Gaines, made a favorable impression on me — and I hope she stays in the game — but Seth has been in there fighting some significant battles and successfully representing his constituency to the benefit of all city residents.

So, we move on to November and I’ll have some thoughts on that to be sure. But for now, to all the candidates, thanks for your hard work and take a rest! BC]

(9.12) This is important — Primary Day is Wednesday, September 12! In Rhode Island, due to our unhealthy one-party system, our primaries are often the de facto election and many candidates will be unopposed in the general election. For those who are still getting up to speed on our weird local situation, many of our so-called Democrats would be Republicans in any other state, and we desperately need to get control of the general assembly back from these “DINOs.” The Daily Dose is a progressive blog so obviously those are the candidates we urge you to support.

My own recommendations are as follows:

I support Aaron Regunberg for Lieutenant Governor. I look for brains and integrity in a candidate and he’s got these in abundance. He is also one of the most energetic candidates I have ever witnessed. Fun fact: Aaron has just been endorsed by Bernie Sanders!

I also support Sam Bell for State Senate District 5 (Mt. Pleasant, Olneyville, Federal Hill, West End). Ditto on the brains, integrity, and energy. As former chapter head of Progressive Democrats of America, it was Sam who recruited many of the candidates that upset the election two years ago. I’m so glad he decided to run for office himself this year. You frequently contributes to the ProJo — this is my favorite piece. Bell’s opponent (Jabour) has just received the endorsement of the Koch Brothers’ front group in Rhode Island, the Gaspee Project. What more do you need to know?

If we could just get both those guys into that state house! We could get some things done . . . the right things.

Need more proof that the old school Rhode Island dems need to get the heave-ho? Progressive incumbent State Rep. Moira Walsh had originally been passed over by the state committee, who instead endorsed a Trump supporter! (If you are new to town . . . that is not a typo.) The national uproar was so great the committee took it back. Nertz to that. Send her back! Vote for Moira Walsh for State Representative.

I also support Matt Brown for Governor. I do try to support women, but Raimondo has been a big disappointment.

I would also suggest you vote for Aaron Jaehnig for City Council Ward 5. (Incumbent Jo-Ann Ryan clearly supports the Fane Tower, helping to drag this whole thing out while pretending she needs more information. What has she been doing for the past 18 months?)

Speaking of the damn tower, I urge you to vote for Seth Yurdin for City Council Ward 1. He has been great on this issue. Seth also fought the good fight on the side of honest governance during the Jackson and Aponte scandals.

And I know I speak for the entire Daily Dose crew in supporting Rachel Miller for City Council Ward 13. The Columbus Theatre collab threw a fun rally Sunday night complete with pizza and the What Cheer Brigade.

More information on the Real True Blue Democrats running in this primary can be found at Uprise RI, and Young Democrats of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America.

Go here to the Secretary of State Voter Information Center to check your voter record, find a polling place, and to look at a sample ballot.

(Do check out your sample ballot — really saves time at the polls and we may have a pretty big turnout this year.)

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