Go Rams!

We beat the Hens. We beat the Great Danes. Bring on the Huskies! The URI Rams are 2-0 going into today’s game against Connecticut, streaming at noon on ESPN3. Providence residents may not be aware that they can beef up their home team wardrobe here in town at the URI Campus Shop in the old Shepard’s building on Washington Street. (Note: The shop is open Monday through Friday only. The building has an entrance on the Westminster Street side as well.)

[Update: Huskies beat Rams: 56-49.]

Check out the recent ProJo interview with URI alum, noted journalist Christiane Amanpour, who has just been tapped to fill the PBS nighttime slot vacated by Charlie Rose.

“I owe it all to Rhode Island,” Amanpour said in an interview on Monday, the launch day of her new show. “Without Rhode Island this would not be happening.”

Amanpour is a 1983 graduate of the University of Rhode Island, and had her first job at NBC affiliate WJAR. Whether she was wired up for a story or trying to make weather graphics, Amanpour learned in Rhode Island that it was important to work hard, to have a dream and to go for the hard truth, rather than the easy opinions.

Go here for the “when I die . . .” URI fight song. I learned the lyrics somewhat differently: It’s not, “Go go Rhode Island Island . . .” it’s more like “Rho rho rho disland disland . . .” like this. Either way it’s the best. How else to contemplate the howling void than with plucky optimism and tubas?

Monday-Friday, URI Campus Shop, 80 Washington Street, 401.277.5120, (directions)



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