Electric-Assist Bike Share Is Here

I do like this red. Jump Bikes are suddenly everywhere and, unlike the unannounced and unsanctioned scooter invasion, these electric-assist bikes have arrived through a negotiated contract with the city. And with racks! I like the gray too.

JUMP Bike share is a membership-based system that can be used for commuting, exercise, and recreation. Providence residents and visitors can use bike share for one-way trips between neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, and jobs . . . JUMP e-bikes have a pedal assist motor, which allows for speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The electric assist requires pedaling. The pedal assist makes it easier for people to travel over hills and across longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

And what about hopping on a bus for part of your route?

Like other public transit authorities across the country, RIPTA supports travel options that give people an alternative to using their cars,” said Barbara Polichetti, Director of Public Affairs at the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). “Biking can be a great way to commute to work, or navigate the city – and RIPTA can help. All of our fixed-route buses are equipped with bicycle racks that can carry two bikes.

The How-To is on their front page. You have to download the app and then the rest looks pretty simple. Below is the interface on the back of the bike.

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