Week In Music

Monday@the Met, Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Age of Embers

Tuesday@Dusk, Sun Bears, People Eating Plastic, Hudson Judson

Wednesday@the Grange, Vudu Sister @the Met, Fear of Missing Out, Best Not Broken, Piqued

Thursday@Alchemy, Toke, Throne of Saturn, Altar of Ash @the Strand, Borgore, GG Magree, Benda @the Met, Zoink Zulag and the Galactic Shag, Quadrafunk, the Shakes, the Responders @Askew, Zach Schmidt, Ian O’Neil, Charlie Marie @Nick-A-Nee’s, Gary Cummings Band @AS220, Echo Rider, You Are My Only Friend, Heartsick Satellite @the Parlour, Night Thrills, Leland Sundries, Stev of Quahogs

(Photo of Echo Rider)

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