‘Consumption’ At Trade Pop-Up

The best way to keep up with events at Trade Pop-Up on Governor Street is to follow the venue on Instagram. And as soon as you see something you like, get over there, because shows go up and come down within a weekend. Opening receptions are usually Thursday evenings, so four days really. This weekend the exhibition is Consumption,

 . . . a solo show by Kalie Boyne, created to visually represent and honor the complex mental/emotional states that women and femmes are constantly encouraged to either express in specific, restrictive ways or repress completely. Through a combination of portraiture and written pieces, Consumption aims to create a space to challenge these societal limitations and celebrate the immense power that grows from true knowledge of self.

‘Consumption’ is open today until 7pm, and again tomorrow, Sunday, September 30, noon to 5pm.

Or maybe you are an artist . . .

Trade Pop-Up is a non-profit organization that was formed to educate artists, small businesses and creatives on how to plan, apply marketing, host events.

Trade Pop-Up, 34 Governor Street, (directions)


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