International Archaeology Day — Excavation At MB School

(10.20) Dig this: Celebrate International Archaeology Day Saturday when the Brown University Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (JIAAW) conducts an excavation on the property of the Moses Brown School. Then check out the exhibit — and speak with real live archaeologists — at Rhode Island Hall on the Brown campus.

‘The Archaeology of College Hill’ is an undergraduate course taught every fall at Brown in which students learn basic excavation and laboratory techniques. They have been working on the Moses Brown site since 2015.

The site at Moses Brown — formerly known as the Sack Property — is near the sidewalk on Hope Street at the intersection of Lloyd Avenue. Students started working here earlier this month and have posted pictures at their Facebook page. No need to watch the goings-on from outside the wrought iron fence: the public is invited onto the Moses Brown School grounds between 11am to 3pm to get a good look and maybe ask some questions. (Entrance at 250 Lloyd Avenue — should be plenty of parking on Lloyd Avenue). Go on, get your hands dirty.

Come be part of an active archaeological excavation! Students will be digging on the grounds of Moses Brown School . . . uncovering the foundations of a 19th century home and processing artifacts from that household. Stop by (with your family or on your own) any time between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm to see what artifacts students are discovering or even try your hand at digging.

In addition to that live dig, the JIAAW is hosting an exhibition open to the public in Rhode Island Hall on the Main Green at Brown.

See ancient coins from Greece and Rome up close! Touch human and animal bones! Examine and draw Persian and Roman ceramics, prehistoric tools, precious metals, and other artifacts from thousands of years ago – coached by experts! And talk with Brown’s archaeologists about their fieldwork all over the world!

Community Archaeology Day, free and open to the public, 11am to 3pm, Saturday, October 20, JIAAW, Rhode Island Hall, 60 George Street, (directions)


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