Fane Tower Is Baaaack — City Council Hearing

(10.22) When will this end?! Last month the City Council voted to kick the Fane Tower problem back to the Ordinance Committee for further study. This committee, following comprehensive testimony, has already voted once not to support the Fane request for zoning changes.

The Providence Preservation Society (PPS) has continued to spearhead opposition efforts, along with the Jewelry District Association. The basic arguments are: this is the wrong place for this structure; and spot zoning would wreak havoc for future development.

Go to the PPS website for all the details, how we go to this point, and how you can help fight this egregious mistake. You can just show up Monday and be a crowd, or consider testifying. The construction unions show up and create a noisy, intimidating mob (if unions wonder why they have lost popular support over the years, this is Exhibit A). The PPS has included helpful guidelines should you choose to testify:

  • When you arrive to the hearing, sign (legibly) the sheet in the middle of the room if you would like to make a public comment.  NOTE: there will likely be 2 sign-up sheets.  Sign the one in OPPOSITION of the zoning changes.
  • When your name is called, proceed to the table in front of the committee.  State your FIRST and LAST NAME and STREET ADDRESS before you make your comment.
  • The acoustics in City Council Chamber are poor.
  • Speak clearly and confidently into the microphone.  It’s ok to be nervous– you will not be the only one! It is perfectly acceptable to say that you are opposed to the zoning changes for the reasons stated by the people who spoke before you.

Can’t go Monday evening? Let the City Council and Mayor know that we want them to abide by the rules, rather than let them be trampled by vested interests.

Sign a petition to Mayor Elorza!

Go here to email City Council members! Tell them that you are AGAINST the changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map that would make the Fane Tower possible.

Or CALL 401.521.7477, the general City Council number, ask to be directed to whichever City Councilor with whom you wish to speak.

The Committee on Ordinances needs to hear from everyone, especially the last three names.

Councilman Terrence M. Hassett, Chairman
Councilman Bryan Principe, Vice-Chairman
Councilwoman Carmen Castillo
Councilwoman Mary Kay Harris
Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan

City Council President David Salvatore and six other councilmembers have publicly voiced opposition to the proposed zoning changes: Principe, Hassett, Zurier, Yurdin, LaFortune, and Harris. Still, you can email them with a big thumbs-up, so they know they have the support of the voters.

Or, you can spend the rest of your life explaining to your children, and your children’s children, how you allowed this to happen.

NO TO FANE TOWER, 5:30pm, Monday, October 22, Committee Meeting, City Council Chamber, City Hall, 25 Dorrance Street, (directions)

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