Turn Off 10 — Sinclair Broadcasting Is Trump Propaganda

For those of you with a very long weekend ahead, this might be a good time to remind you where Nana and Pop-Pop are getting some of those cockamamie ideas. We are not recommending confrontation around the Thanksgiving table but over the weekend you may be able to run a little interference on behalf of truth, justice, and the American way.

What to do: Should Drunk Uncle fall asleep in front of the television while watching Channel 10/WJAR, it would certainly be fair to change the station. Neither WPRI-TV nor abc6 News forces their anchors to deliver Trump propaganda disguised as “local news.”

Better still: Find the SAP function and switch the audio over to Spanish language. If and when anybody notices, you can say that Channel 10 is broadcasting in Spanish now. (Caution: Light fuse, walk away.)

We have written on this topic a few times now — “Sinclair is Trump Propaganda” — and we will continue to do so. UpriseRI has been covering demonstrations aimed at the local businesses who continue to advertise on the Channel 10 news broadcasts. Here and here.

For an entertaining way into this threat to democracy, watch ‘The Sinclair Broadcast Group’ from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It’s about 17 minutes long.

Learn about local protests at Turn Off 10, a campaign coordinated by the Rhode Island Kent County ReSisters to protest Sinclair Broadcast Group’s continuing use of local NBC affiliate Channel 10/WJAR as Trump propaganda.


1 thought on “Turn Off 10 — Sinclair Broadcasting Is Trump Propaganda”

  1. John McGrath

    So why don’t a group of rich liberals buy up Sinclair News? Not to push a POV but to give autonomy back to local stations and to fact check right wing propaganda that might result and require a retraction/correction to be viewed for a few days to a week.

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