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“Size of Rhode Island” Comparison Gets Scientific

Rhode Islanders are no strangers to comparisons of objects to the size of our state. Our diminutive 1,212 square miles of quirk has been fodder for jokes for years.

Thus, it’s refreshing to have scientist Randall Munroe, who pens the webcomic XKCD, use the power of “the size of Rhode Island” for good (kind of).

Check out his scientific explanation for what would happen if everyone on earth jumped at the same time, set here in Lil’ Rhody.

Dibs on the bread and milk that day.

1 thought on ““Size of Rhode Island” Comparison Gets Scientific”

  1. Annie, nice to see you back on the beat at The Dose.

    I wonder how many of the readers of XKCD recognize Rhode Island on the map without a label?
    On second thought, probably all of them.

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