Elorza Vetoes Tower Zoning Change

Mayor Jorge Elorza is the ‘Star of the Day’ for taking a principled stand against the zoning change needed for the hideous tower (see image below). Here is a portion of The Mayor’s statement explaining his vote:

I made it clear to the developer and to the public that the design of the building was my top priority. I want to be sure that the building, both from a skyline and from a streetscape perspective, worked for the city. I requested that the City, either through the DDRC or the Planning Department, have final approval over the design of the project, rather than merely advisory input. If this building is going to reshape our skyline, then the city should be able to approve what it looks like.

Thank you Mayor Elorza!

The Providence Preservation Society has also responded, addressing the zoning change itself:

The Providence Preservation Society and all of the coalition members that have been speaking out against this short-sighted and destructive zoning change wholeheartedly thank the mayor for putting the city’s interests above the interest of one developer.
Mayor Elorza has exercised great leadership throughout this process, and the people of Providence thank him for doing the right thing to protect the character and reputation of our great city. He respected the plan that is in place and the thorough community process.

The City Council will need ten votes to override the Mayor — call your city council member! (All relevant links and numbers in my prior post on this topic.)

From the Providence Journal:

The council has 30 days to vote on an override, said Council President David Salvatore. Salvatore, or a majority of council members, would need to petition the city clerk to schedule a meeting.

Salvatore, who abstained when the council voted to approve the change to the zoning ordinance, said he is against overriding the mayor’s veto.

Oh, and the horribles up at the state house (Mattiello and Ruggerio) are working on legislation that would remove the city’s jurisdiction over zoning in the state-owned I-195 development district. That seems likely to provoke a legal challenge.

(The ‘One Providence’ illustration used here was generated by the Columbus Collective for Elorza’s 2014 mayoral campaign.)

Below is the proposed tower.

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