Magic Monday At Great Northern BBQ

(12.10) Fans of Magic the Gathering should head over to Great Northern BBQ for ‘Just Another Magic Monday.’ Newbies are welcome.

Pull out your decks and lay them on the table, nerds! It’s Magic the Gathering night at Great Northern! All are welcome to come play a few casual games, drink some beers and grab any of our burgers – including veggie – with waffle fries for only 12$

For the fresh meat, we will have a handful of house decks if you can try out and sage advisors available to show you the ropes. So don’t be shy.

For the veterans, table rules are up to the players. Our only house rule is, official cards only. No print outs.

Come challenge one of our kitchen goblins to a duel and revel in victory!

This event seems part and parcel of the GOT/black metal vibe that informs the Chef Jimmy James (Lord Commander and Master of the Flames) aesthetic. The Great Northern food truck has been around for about three years — you’ve seen it at Ogie’s — and they have been serving food out of the Point Tavern on Wickenden Street for some time as well. But last summer they opened their own proper full-service restaurant with a locally forged, custom smoker (pigs, goats, etc.) and a wood-fired grill, on Parade Street at Westminster, opposite Loie Fuller. I bet it smells great over there when they get cranking.

Both their brisket and ribs have taken awards at the Ocean State BBQ Fest. I have yet to check it out, but I wanted to get this event up. I gleaned most of the above info from this interview I saw on the television. Here’s the menu — note the Asian and Argentinian influences, as well a Narragansett Indian specialty, succotash! Got to get over there.

Open Monday through Saturday.

Magic Monday, 7pm to 10pm, Monday, December 10, Great Northern BBQ, 9 Parade Street, (directions)

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