Bad News — City Council Votes To Override Veto

Say hello to your new tower and goodbye to Providence’s beautiful skyline. They got Democratic Councilwoman Mary Kay Harris to change her vote. From WPRI, “Harris gave a long speech prior to Thursday’s vote, explaining that she prayed and held many discussions with residents before making a final decision.” We need people to stop praying and start thinking! And we need someone to run against Councilwoman Harris next time around.

However, there is still a court challenge under consideration. We’ll keep you posted.


[Update: Vote postponed to Thursday, 6pm. Apparently the override faction knew it did not have the votes and decided to postpone. They have 30 days from the date of the Mayor’s November 30th veto. Some Providence residents are being very poorly served by their council members. Call them tomorrow and demand answers: (401) 521-7477.]

The City Council needs to hear from you! They are certainly hearing from the opposition, which is pretty much just the construction unions, many of whom don’t even live in the city. (For the record, we are all in favor of putting these people to work on infrastructure, schools, etc., but this is the wrong building for that location. The larger issue is that a special zoning change will send future potential developers running for the hills.)

Big thanks are due Mayor Jorge Elorza who recently vetoed the Fane Tower proposal. (PDD 12.1)

The City Council can override his veto with 10 votes. They will be holding a special meeting at 4:30pm, Tuesday, December 11, in the council chambers at City Hall on Dorrance Street. From the Providence Journal:

The change to the zoning ordinance would allow developers of the Hope Point Tower to surpass the local 100-foot height restriction sixfold. Nine council members voted in favor of the change to the zoning ordinance, five voted against and one abstained.

The mayor vetoed the change in part because the developer would not guarantee that the city would have final approval over the tower’s design.

The City Council needs 10 votes in order to override the veto.

The Providence Preservation Society has been instrumental in organizing the coalition* of stakeholders who oppose this tower.

The Providence Preservation Society and all of the coalition members* that have been speaking out against this short-sighted and destructive zoning change wholeheartedly thank the mayor for putting the city’s interests above the interest of one developer.

Contact the City Council and let them know that you oppose this specila zoning change for this hideous tower.

Go here to email City Council members! Tell them that you are AGAINST the changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map that would make the Fane Tower possible.

Or CALL 401.521.7477, the general City Council number, ask to be directed to whichever City Councilor with whom you wish to speak.

*Coalition members include:


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