Councilor-Elect Kerwin Already Representing

[Update: The Department of Business Regulation has allowed that the Foxy Lady can reopen on a temporary basis as a nightclub . . . liquor but no adult entertainment. ProJo 12.25.18]

Here’s something to look forward to in the new year: for the first time ever there will be a female majority in the Providence City Council. One of the three new women will be Katherine Kerwin, and she’s not waiting for the swearing-in to advocate for her future constituents.

Last Wednesday, in response to a report by Providence Police detectives that prostitution was occurring on the premises, the Board of Licenses revoked all licenses held by the Foxy Lady on Chalkstone Avenue, effectively shutting it down. Kerwin is not questioning the validity of the report but wishes the club had fought harder to stay open — many people have just been put out of work. From today’s ProJo:

Katherine Kerwin, who will be sworn in as the Ward 12 councilwoman in the new year after winning her seat in November, said she doesn’t disagree with the city’s decision to shut down the Foxy Lady after prostitution arrests there, but she hopes there’s a path forward for the club and its more than 200 jobs.

“I would like to see it reopen, especially right now,” Kerwin said. “What are these people going to do without jobs?”

At 21 years of age, Kerwin will be the youngest member of the city council, and it looks like she has some new and progressive ideas.

“It’s a good moment to begin this conversation about decriminalizing sex work,” Kerwin said. “It’s awful, but sometimes when these bad things happen it does prompt people to act.”

The topic of sex work is a thorny one for feminists, this writer included, but in the meantime can’t we get this joint open again . . . as a strip club? I’m pretty sure there is still a market for naked dancing ladies — even if they can’t go upstairs anymore — and don’t get me started on the Legs & Eggs buffet! Can’t they close down the “V.I.P. rooms” and get all the dancers and ancillary employees back to work?


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  1. She’s 100% right.

    The rest of the politicians don’t have a problem with their Catholic church hiding 120+ pedophile priests, but they try to flex morals when adults are doing adult things that they would want to do to children.

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