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(1.1) Tired of this guy yet? Asked recently about possible gun control legislation in the new session, specifically curbs on high-capacity magazines, Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello had this to say: “Has magazine size been a problem?”

I’ll let that sink in for a second. This is who we are dealing with. Not only has this DINO been bought and paid for by the gun lobby (an A+ rating from Russian money launderers, the NRA) but he gives no evidence that he ever watches the national news, or reads books, or newspapers, or anything not about him. Not only is he an antidiluvian hack — a cigar-chomping pol straight out of Tammany —  but he is also hopelessly provincial and uninformed. Nicholas Mattiello is motivated entirely by self-interest, greed, and his little bastion of power.

Kudos to Representative John Lombardi (D-Providence) for putting himself forward and challenging Mattiello for the leadership position. Among his suggested reforms: Give committee chairs and the minority leader the power to bring a certain number of bills to the floor each session. YES!

See today’s ProJo for “Is the speaker’s gavel in reach? Lombardi’s not sure.”

Lombardi’s proposals include: adoption of six-year term limits for all House leadership positions and committee chairs; selection of committee leaders by the vote of the committee rather than appointment by the speaker; letting bills that have been “held for further study” make their way to the House floor for action based on a majority vote of the House.

There is a Reform Caucus working on these ideas, and House Republicans have promoted similar ideas in the past. They need a large turnout of public support to make these reforms and to possibly change the leadership.

Join other like-minded citizens seeking a change in House leadership today in the State House Rotunda at 4pm. The event is hosted by Rhode Islanders for Reform and UpriseRI. (Facebook event page.)

UpriseRI founder, and indefatigable citizen journalist, is Steve Ahlquist, and today is his birthday!!! Go make a donation. Happy birthday Steve! And thank you.

New Leadership Rally, 4pm to 5pm, Tuesday, January 1, State House rotunda, 82 Smith Street, (directions)

[Update: Mattiello was re-elected to the Speaker’s chair. Ian Donnis covered the proceedings for the Public’s Radio.]


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