Magic Monday At Great Northern BBQ

It’s time to pull out your decks and lay them on the table. It’s Magic the Gathering night at Great Northern. While their menu features standard BBQ offerings — including their award-winning brisket and ribs — vegetarians can also be made happy.  Wine and beer also available.(Facebook event.)

All are welcome to come play a few casual games, drink some beers and grab any of our burgers — including veggie — with waffle fries for only 12$

For the fresh meat , we will have a handful of house decks if you can try out and sage advisors available to show you the ropes. So don’t be shy.

For the veterans, table rules are up to the players. Our only house rule is, official cards only. No print outs. Come challenge one of our kitchen goblins to a duel and cower in defeat!

I love the look of this place! I stopped in a couple of weeks ago and while I was too late for dinner I did have a chance to speak with Chef Jimmy James who answered my questions. Credit for the interior goes to designer Jess Becker although it was his friend Caleigh McGrath who had already picked out the wallpaper, skulls, and lights. The dark wainscoting was created using a Japanese technique of charring pine boards with a flame. Above the paneling is the awesome red and gold antler-y wallpaper.

I’ll write again after I have eaten there. Soon I hope.

The restaurant and cozy bar are open on Mondays from 5pm to 11pm.

Magic Gathering, 6pm to 10pm, Monday, January 28, Great Northern BBQ, 9 Parade Street, 421.1513, (directions)

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