Adler’s Celebrates Its First 100 Years

Everybody loves Adler’s on Wickenden Street. And everybody loves Harry Adler. He’s one of those litmus test people . . . like Dolly Parton or Weird Al. If you don’t like Harry Adler there is something wrong with you.

And the fact that a brick-and-mortar hardware store has managed to hang in there through the Great Depression, the big box store plague, and Amazon, is a testament to their emphasis on customer service and their ability to keep up with changing tastes. And they really know their beans in that place.

The occasion of this 100th Anniversary is being widely celebrated: Paul Edward Parker has written a wonderful piece in the ProJo complete with photo essay, while the April edition of East Monthly features Harry and brother Marc on their cover and another great article.

So since there is nothing I could possibly add to this coverage I decided to focus on the cool sweatshirt that Harry has been sporting lately. As of this morning there are only a handful left, but Harry has ordered T-shirts with the same front and back and they should be arriving very soon.

The artwork was executed by local designer John Barnett of 4 Eyes Design. Barnett also painted the mural on the side of the building as well as the graphics on the Adler-mobile you see tooling around town. (Check it out: Barnett and partner Isolde Maher have been doing some really cool stuff.)

I’m definitely getting one of those T-shirts.

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  1. Beth,
    Very nice article. I didn’t realize Adler’s was that old. I grew up in Cranston, live in Toronto now. Harry lived not far from me with his brother Jay and his sister Kayla, I think that’s her name. I also know Marc, he’s a year older than me, we were at Cranston East at the same time. So, I’m telling you that Marc is Harry’s cousin, not his brother. I guess everyone told you this, but just in case I sent this.

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